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Watch Me Bloom

Posted on April 16 2016

I wish that I could convey the feeling of being in a room full of supportive fat women but everything I type falls flat. This past weekend I was privileged enough to head to Palm Springs with a bunch of friends to stay for a couple of days.

Torrid was throwing a pool party for their 'own it' campaign and invited the girls featured. I tagged along with my beautiful friend Anastasia who was invited as she contributed to the campaign. I won't post any of the photos from the event as I think they've circulated far enough. However, if you'd like to see more you can check out our shop Instagram @proudmaryfashion or my personal @fatfashion_

Anastasia drove down to Vegas with a couple of other friends and we all made the 4 hour trip to the gorgeous desert town of Palm Springs. When I say that we laughed basically the entire way, I'm not kidding. It was so cathartic to just let go and be ridiculous with a car full of funny babes.

One of the ladies on the trip was Jacqueline, the owner of afterlife vintage in Salt Lake City. She was so funny and sweet and she gifted me this most adorable 90's sundress. Our little vintage loving hearts clicked immediately and I fell in love with her!

Throughout the weekend, not only did I get to spend time in the house with women I'd never met, but I was able to better know some friends I had met previously. We got to talk about our goals, the plus size fashion industry, and brave the freezing cold pool (I had to get in at least once- thanks for not getting sick, body.)

The planning for the trip happened quickly but fell into place perfectly in a way that we could all come together. The overall vibe once we arrived was so supportive and fun. I had forgotten what it was like to be in a group of women that just want to see each other succeed. It's powerful and inspiring. I've always done my best work when I have people in my corner that genuinely care about seeing me succeed. I was reminded this weekend of how important that is and I hope that we can all lift each other up, so we can be right there to cheer each other on.

Dress is from after life vintage (follow them @afterlifevtg) shoes are new look wide width from asos (sold out) and bag is from lovesick vintage.



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